Friday, June 3, 2011

SPAZ Continues to impress!

My second write up for SPAZ is up on nightmare mode!

In it you will read about how I was forced to resort to kidnapping, slavery, and murder to win a mission. I can feel the tiny eyes of those sprite people judging me even now.

Writing for a right proper gaming website is an exciting and interesting experience thus far. My articles for SPAZ prompted an e-mail from the developer talking about how thrilled he was to see someone really get the game. Which feels very good to hear, that my writing about someones passion project really excited them.

It also means I get to play new games I normally wouldn't play. Frozen Synapse is next on my todo list, along with Runespell: Overture - which I never would have tried if not for this. Its all a great experience so far, and only getting better.