Monday, May 16, 2011

Things are still busy!

So things have yet to slow down, the screen printer I work with is in overdrive and suddenly I'm in his studio every damn day - which is making it difficult to finish the ear prosthetics. One way or another I'll finish those bastards.

It also makes it somewhat difficult to update this here blog the way I wanted today. I was going to talk about the prosthetics I'm working on, but I haven't gotten time to take pictures of the things. I do, however, have some pictures of that chocolate stuff I talked about in my first post!

So today's post is about that!

Aw, isn't he an adorable icon of madness and despair?
This guy is the first casting, so forgive his rough appearance and gimpy eye. I'll be cleaning the mold errors out and learning more about tempering chocolate, so one day he will dazzle! The general form was modeled after a squatting chocolate bunny, but with more tentacles, squid heads, and wings.

Also the Triforce!

The Triforce of Chocolate, just slightly less sought after then the Triforce of power.
One thing I learned while doing this is that when you temper chocolate, if ANY water comes into contact with the melted chocolate, the entire batch will just shit the bed. It turns into a solid mass of uselessness, and it is very sad. All of my methods for flavoring the chocolate with raspberry resulted in this massive waste of precious chocolate, which was kind of maddening. I now know that one needs raspberry oils to flavor chocolate, and wish I knew that when I was melting several pounds of the dark stuff.

These two will pop onto my store in the near future, along with a new desk idol, and a price drop on the massive idols.

Firefox may have crashed twice while I tried to update, but that didn't stop me from living up to my promise to update for you today! Next time: Those things I told you I would write about!

Oh, and any suggestions for Horror movies to watch for the 150 day Halloween countdown?


  1. Wow that is awesome! Im checkin out yur Etsy page right now!

  2. Hahahaha!!! I spit my Red Bull out when I saw the Chocolate Triforce!!! I'll definitely be a regular here!

  3. the top one reminds me of davy jones from the pirates movies

  4. looks like davey jones from pirates of the carribean lol

  5. Only slightly less sought after than the Triforce of power? Bahh, Ganon has nothing on this.

  6. I"m in awe. This is incredible.

  7. horror movie reccomentations:
    For fun-
    Dead Alive
    Ginger Snaps series
    House of 1K Corpses 1&2 (I enjoyed seeing the constant references made to other horror classics that get thrown into those two)

    The Hole
    Audition (this was screened at Hampshire right?)
    Tale of Two Sisters

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    ▲ ▲

  9. That first one is very cool, looks like something out of an HP Lovecraft story. Nice!