Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm not dead!

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone! Tomorrow I will return to updating in a reliable fashion and try not to let my life and work creep up on my like this. Tomorrow I will talk about the work I have been doing designing and producing some ear prosthetics and all the fun that entails.

After that I will tell that story about the evil company and the $20,000 like I promised. For right this moment however, I will tell you something I would like to do.

Horror movies have been a big part of my life since as far back as I could remember. Growing up my friends were always talking about Disney movies as they came out, and I was a bit out of the loop. Sure I saw them too, but often I was more excited to talk about The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or Graveyard Shift, or Friday the 13th, or any number of horror films I ended up seeing with my Grandma and my Aunt. My friends all had age appropriate movies that they loved when they were 8, I had Alien.

Of course this meant that as I got older I never lost the love of Halloween like my peers did. It never became childish or dumb, it always retained its magic even at the most cynical points in my teenage years. To this day it remains my favorite holiday, and I strive to honor is as best I can.

This year I want to honor it early and often. I want to watch 1 horror movie a day for 150 days, from June 5th to October 31st. This isn't all that much of a stretch for me, I have an unlimited capacity for movies. Take this Friday the 13th that just passed for instance. I got home from a job exhausted, the week had been nonstop, and Thursday had left me broken and with a migraine the night before. By all reasoning I should have just slinked off to bed and tried to sleep for as long as I could. Instead I popped in Friday the 13th and began my celebration of the 13th. When it was all over it was the 14th and I had watched the first 3 Friday the 13th movies (I couldn't stop until he had his mask!) and then proceeded to watch the first 3 Sleep Away Camp movies just for the homages in each to Jason.

So yes, 150 movies will be fun for me, and I'll talk about each one here. Most of the posts will just be minor blurbs about the movie to supplement a post. Some will be full-on reviews or reflections on the movie in question. Either way, it should be a fun experience.

So tomorrow I will return with an honest to goodness post again, and resume updating regularly. I'll also write my first post for the gaming blog I am contributing to, but it won't get posted for a few days I imagine. Oh, also the return of lazy Photoshopping, or at the very least, pictures, to save you from wall'o'texts like this.


  1. Have you seen Devil? I watched it recently and it was good! Not a big religious guy either but it kept me interested

  2. I just watched die hard a lot. Bruce Willis was the shit in that. Know what ima watch it now. I like most horror movies too but I get bored if i'm not watching it with a girl or a bunch of my friends. except those saw movies those would be boring under any circumstance. But if you get good movies this could be an epic time